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Shifts in Supply and Demand Curves Throughout the simulation there were many instances that created changes to both the supply curves and demand curves. However, if there are very few substitutes available, consumers will pay a premium for the product at many price points, resulting in low price elasticity.

The Distributive Justice Game This income distribution game is based on a thought experiment suggested by philosopher John Rawls. A macroeconomic principle that showed through in the simulation was that for any product, more quantity is demanded at a lower price, other things remaining constant.

How may you apply what you learned about supply and demand from the simulation to your workplace or your understanding of a real-world product with which you are familiar? It is essential for the company to monitor these economic forces and make decisions that will result in the greatest benefit for shareholders.

Eco365 Supply and Demand Simulation Paper

With the curve of demand quantity of housing was demanded after rates decreased. The simulation this week provided realistic examples to the economic theories we have studied thus far and has increased my understanding of the practical application of economics.

In the simulation, I found that the price elasticity of apartments is relatively high. The markets of products and services are in constant fluctuation due to the supply and demand, which is covered in both micro and macroeconomics.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? However, the company was forced to lower prices when the demand curve shifted in the opposite direction. Thus the shifts of supply and demand are known ways to most affectively dictate profit through the curves of supply and demand.

Identified shifts In the simulation that was used to help better understand economics and generate this paper incorporated a shift of supply and demand. Overall, the simulation provided an insightful introduction into the dynamics of market economics.

Four Key Points Four key points in the simulation were supply and demand, equilibrium, shifts in the supply and demand, and price ceilings.

This resulted in an increase in demand but the supply remained the same. Summary The supply and demand simulation showed how economic factors could affect a business on both small and large scales. The second macroeconomic principle from the simulation was the supply curve demonstration.

This question was answered on Jun 24, Price ceilings, which put a cap on the amount of rent that can be billed, create a situation that prevents the management company from obtaining the highest price possible if there was sufficient demand for their apartments.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

ECO365 Week 2 Individual Assignment Supply & Demand Simulation

Applying Supply and Demand Concepts [Multimedia]. The smart phone industry is highly competitive and there is a constant flow of new products entering the marketplace. Microeconomics is the emphases of the marketplace factors of demand and supply, which normally determines the change of levels in price.

Thirty three workers were trapped in the copper mine, as a result of a cave-in. Another microeconomic factor is consumer demand, which rose significantly after a new company settled in Atlantis and its employees needed housing. On a macroeconomic scale, it would not hold true because of the fact that there are numerous rental management organizations throughout the world.

By applying these concepts to the workplace, companies can make effective decisions on marketing, technology development, and product pricing. The shift in demand can relate to microeconomics easily as behavior is a big factor.

By monitoring economic conditions, these companies have the ability to design smart phone products that will cater to a specific niche within the market.

It is essential for the company to monitor these economic forces and make decisions that will result in the greatest benefit for shareholders.

The company is faced with a variety of microeconomic drivers that management must use to make decisions, which include consumer and quantity supplied. Equilibrium Price and Quantity Changes to either supply or demand in the market will affect the equilibrium between price and quantity.

When a smart phone releases a product that has unique features, the price elasticity of demand becomes very narrow. However, if you were to take a closer look at things, computers and software evolve about every six months to a year and half; hence the reason technology is the constant factor that prompts change in the software industry.

Shifts that Affect Decision Making The different shifts in supply and demand affects decision making in several ways in regard to the simulation. These principles were chosen because they were shown to have a major impact on the apartment market in Atlantis.

When the demand curve shifts to the right, the company chose to expand its inventory with new construction to accommodate the increased demand. Supply and Demand Concepts 4 Elasticity of demand When looking at the price elasticity of demand the question that comes to the turf is how important does the price play on the consuming behavior of a giving product or service in the market.

The number of two-bedroom apartments increased as the price increased. As seen in the simulation, there are many alternatives to the average apartment complex and consumers have different housing options to choose from.Feb 16,  · ECO Week 2 Individual Assignment Supply and Demand Simulation Individual Assignment: Supply and Demand Simulation Complete the Supply and Demand Simulation located on the student website.

Eco Microeconomics And The Laws Of Supply Demand Complete The Supply And Demand Simulation Located On Student Website Or Watch Khan Academy Video Changes In Market Equilibrium Week 1 Videos Write A To Word Paper Summarizing Content Of Address Following Identify Two Microeconomics Macroeconomics Principles Concepts From Simulation/video Explain Why You.

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Supply and Demand Simulation ECO August 7, Michael Gay Supply and demand can change drastically in a matter of seconds. One day you may be selling mountains of product, while the next day you could be sitting on an overwhelming amount of surplus of that product. Supply & Demand Simulation Erica Bradford ECO/ June 19, Jeremy Alessandro Supply & Demand Simulation Goodlife Management is the sole provider of apartments available for rent in the city of Atlantis in which the supply and demand simulation provided by UPOX takes place.

Complete the Supply and Demand Simulation located on the student website. Write - 1,word paper of no more than summarizing the content.

Demand and Supply

Address the following: Identify two microeconomics and two macroeconomics principles or concepts from the simulation. Explain why you have categorized these principles or concepts as macroeconomic or microeconomic.

Supply and Demand Simulation Chris Grant ECO/ May 27, DR. Edward Hartmann Supply and Demand The rental market is a gold mine of opportunities if the property manager pays attention to the keys of basic economics when conducting business dealings and making decisions.

Supply and demand simulation eco365
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