Lessons on writing an opinion essay

The worksheet will provide a structure for students to create connections between their opinions and their supporting reasons.

During the whole group practice, I had students sit knee to knee, meaning they were sitting criss-cross and their knees were touching. This is one Lessons on writing an opinion essay my lower students who has come a long way this year.

We did this with a few prompts, switching who was asking and answering the questions. I think it might be a developmental issue with second graders or a language or poverty issue. This was first on the chart and first on my list. We may not have mastered this writing yet, but we are definitely on our way and that mountain doesn't seem quite so high anymore.

You are only required to offer possible solutions. The biggest change was the use of the word because. The organizer below is my favorite to use once the students are more familiar with the structure of opinion paragraphs. I was a hard ball about it and required that students used these frames, at least for today.

We used the single pizza option in the pack because we were limited on time. The student with the prompt paper asked the question and student with the sentence frame paper responded. Because this was our first foray into example writing, we worked through the organizer together.

Some people believe that men and women are equal and so women should be able to do any job they want. Many children no longer read books and instead spend their time using modern technology.

Persuasive / Opinion Writing

I make some intentional errors and am proud when some of my students correct me. Should all peanut products be banned? Grammatical range and accuracy: The model answer uses a wide range of grammatical devices appropriate to academic writing.

I said it twice, so that the first student could get it and so that the second student had some thinking time. Continue with this activity until most students seem to have a clear understanding of how to write a supporting reason.

We came back together to report out one or two reasons for each recess activity. With students divided into two groups, they took part in a spirited Visible Thinking debate called Tug of War. My goal for this week was to have students learn to state an opinion using academic language.

Review the procedure they will follow on their worksheets. I emphasized that they had to state their opinion using a sentence frame and give three reasons.

Arguments are developed with logical connectives such as therefore and furthermore. Not only was I able to get another piece of writing from students, they used the given opinion statement and matching reason to practice some higher-level writing.

They had to describe in detail why their type of pizza and toppings were the best.

Essay Writing Lesson Plans

Demonstrate proficient supporting reasons for an opinion. This gives them exposure to accurate academic language for opinion writing. Partner Practice with Stating an Opinion After we had some whole group guided practice, students then did some partner practice.

The first paragraph will introduce their topic and opinion with supporting reasons. We first sorted the strips of paper into option and reason. Distribute the Conclusion worksheets. What possible solutions are there to these problems? She is probably asking you to go to the library, look up Abraham Lincoln, take notes on his life and write some paragraphs, in your own words, about what it is you looked up.

To begin today's lesson, I review the writing prompt I have displayed on the SmartBoard and I take a few minutes to call on a few students to share their introductory paragraphs.

The revisions and editing phase of the lesson is a prime opportunity for my scholars to take ownership of their own learning. I hope that you guys find it useful.


The model answer fully answers the question by stating several arguments both for and against the expansion of higher education.Opinion: read the latest events, editorials, and journalists opinions on Zionism, Jewish Peoplehood, and their personal opinion about life in Israel.

Task 2 in the IELTS Academic Writing Test is more important than task 1.

Tell Me About It! Writing Opinion Essays

You have to write more, it’s a more difficult task and it is worth more to your final band for writing as. In this lesson you will learn how to identify and describe opinion writing by finding words that show strong feelings, a clear opinion statement, and supporting reasons.

In this lesson you will learn how to identify and describe opinion writing by finding words that show strong feelings, a clear opinion statement, and supporting reasons.

WriteSteps 4th Grade Opinion Writing. Common Core Standard W Write opinion pieces on topics or texts, supporting a point of view with reasons and information. the student's essay is a valuable part and without it the lesson is basically non existent.

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WriteSteps 4th Grade Opinion Writing

Preschool; Early Elementary (Grades K-2) Late Elementary. Find opinion writing lesson plans and teaching resources. From fact and opinion writing worksheets to writing an opinion paragraph videos, quickly find teacher-reviewed educational resources.

students read a short introduction about UFO's.

Finalize Writing an Opinion Essay on Themes in the book Bud, Not Buddy

They write an opinion essay that describes their feelings about the existence of UFO's.

Lessons on writing an opinion essay
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