Business planning taxation 2016 masters

Our MS in Taxation program may be completed at your own pace as a part-time or online student, or in as few as 12 months if you study full-time.

However, MT students study these topics along with required specialization courses such as Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation. Requesting information from each school is a good way to compare their curriculum and faculty, as well as admissions procedures. Plus-minus letter grade only.

Unlike sociology and psychology, however, economics attempts to analyze aspects of human behavior that are strictly quantifiable. Open only to graduate students of demonstrated ability to do independent work.

While the coming shortage of experienced fiscal-planning experts may sound like a bleak prospect from the client end, it could be a boon for college students or career changers with an interest in finance.

Examination of the income tax treatment gains and losses resulting from the disposition of various types of property by different taxpayers. An in-depth introduction to federal tax problems: Relevant management tools as they relate to cost management. The University of Georgia Website: In contrast, the MT program is suited for business professionals and experienced accountants who want to improve their knowledge of taxation matters or move into training roles or advanced positions within their organizations.

Brief consideration of operational auditing.

Masters in Taxation

Development and use of accounting information systems for managerial control and external reporting. Economics, Finance, and Financial Planning It helps to remember that while economics degrees may be heavily quantitative in nature — requiring advanced levels of mathematics — that economics is ultimately a social science that focuses on human behavior.

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Students cannot earn CPA certification simply by earning a college degree. The development of accounting information systems and their uses for management decision making and external reporting. Corporate tax topics include formation, operation, non-liquidating distributions, liquidating. A comprehensive treatment of the theory and practice of accounting for investments, long term liabilities, owners' equity, leases, post retirement benefits, income taxes, earnings per share, and the cash flow statement.

Master of Science in Accounting

Is it important to you to receive hands-on experience in the community? At that time, zero degree professional degree programs for the subject existed. Incorporates relevant academic research, as well as statutory and case-based research into tax laws and regulations related to contemporary tax issues.

Take advantage of some of the most affordable tuition rates in the nation Convenience. Measuring and reporting financial position regarding income, costs, and revenue. Consent of instructor, advisor, and department chair.

Knowledge of EDP auditing and control is particularly important in complying with Section of Sarbanes-Oxley SOXwhich requires auditors to attest to the standards of internal control and any material weaknesses disclosed by senior management. May be used to make up partial equivalencies for transfer students.

Count on the ongoing support of dedicated academic and career advisors specialized in your area of study Admission Requirements Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our 5 graduate terms.

Use these questions and the information presented here to help you decide which degree program would complement your career experience and professional interests. The hybrid format of study is a combination of on-site and online courses.

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The appeal of this format is you get the perks of being on campus, such as use of libraries, gymnasiums, and face-to-face interactions, with the convenience of web-based courses.

We combine real-world taxation expertise with forward-thinking academics to help position you for career acceleration.Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning Our department encompasses three disciplines: law, taxation and financial planning.

In Law, we provide the required course for undergraduate business majors and MBA students, as well as a variety of undergraduate and graduate electives.

Taxation Emphasis

The format of the Business Planning: Taxation exam is now on computer, which means that it is no longer available as a paper-based exam. To help you prepare for this exam, in addition to the resources on this page, view the five steps to computer-based exam success.

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Taxation today is particularly important in the overall management of the companies, known as a source of value creation. However, it can easily impact very negatively on the efficiency and profitability of the company, if the respective decision-making process does not consider the tax function, or.

August 25, through December 15, INSTRUCTOR: Kurt Kawafuchi, J.D., C.P.A., Masters of Laws in Taxation OFFICE HOURS: Available immediately after the class, or please call Kurt at.

The university’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business has a respected online program for a Masters in Taxation. This offers the opportunity to interact with top tax experts while studying the intricacies of tax planning, statutes and regulations.

Business planning taxation 2016 masters
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