Barbing salon business plan in nigeria conflict

That is why they barb their hair, shave their beards and also do the carving regularly so as to remain fresh looking for their crushes. The first major cause of conflict in an organisastion is the variance of objective of the worker or workers and the employer.

Similar disputes which resulted into strike by large section of the banking industry and by the electricity workers have paralysed the nation economic activities. Michael Imoudu; the same economic crisis of the second world war resulted to a lot of militancy among the unions especially the blue-collar workers.

A hair salon business could be a very lucrative business because fashion is an ongoing process but that is if you know how to work your onions.

It is one business that brings in money on a daily basis. When they do that, there would not be light for some month it may lead to scarcity of water, and light. Share 36 Shares Barbers are millionaires! The committee recommended to the government to grant a cost of Living Allowance to all its members.

Starting a barbing salon is not difficult and I am going to show you how. The formal control of barbing salon business plan in nigeria conflict ordinance came in when the trade union ordinance was passed.

To qualify as a strike the stoppage must involve at least a certain number of people. In another definition it means a period of time when an organised group of employees of a company stops working because of a disagreement over pay or conditions.

Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria

The prospective of the Second World War by the British and the involvement of the colonies in the war effort had created economic difficulties in these territories.

This is necessary as this gives you a clearer view of what you are about to venture into. July 10, by articles 2 Comments Strike Problems in Nigeria Strike Problems in Nigeria — It is generally obvious and quite indisputable that strike has taken impact on the Nigeria Economy.

This job is not just limited to males as women too have become interested in this line of work. Also people may not realize how good the business is as they are scared of the perceived huge investment they will have to make and therefore avoid doing it.

Strike Problems in Nigeria

Also for those searching and looking for jobs or people who have lost their jobs and are fortunate to have some savings, they can go into this business.

As said earlier you can rent a shop any where provided it has enough space and this does not have to be in an expensive area. Choose a slogan that will make sense and will be difficult to forget.

If your work is really good, it would advertise for you as people seeing such nice hairdo would want to inquire about where it was made and also get theirs made there. Examples of such products includes sachet water, biscuits, chewing gums, pastries, Bread, noodles among others.

This was when a protest was launched against arbitrary changes in public working hours by the artisan workman in the works department. Strikes as a Problem There are three conventional ways of measuring strike activity one is to count the number of strikes that occurred during the period under review.

This can be done even while you are still undergoing training. Causes of Strike Unfair treatment to the worker victimization Violation of legislation or rule Poor application of provisions of collective Bargaining Non-observation of condition of work Situation not governed by rules Causes of Strike in Nigeria 1.

Get a very good and comfortable revolving chair where your customers will seat on while you work on them.

How to Start A Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

Find a Nice Location There are people that believe that location for this type of business does not really matter provided that you get and rent a shop in a place that is busy with a lot of people around. Everyday, millions of people get hair cuts from barbing saloons operating all over the country.Starting a barbing salon business will be a very good idea as this is a business that has the potential of making some good profit especially when time is taken to properly plan the business as well as manage the business very well.

Barbing salon business plan in Nigeria – The Hair barbing salon business remains one of the rapidly growing industries in Nigeria today.

To some people, this venture is for the 3 rd class citizens therefore, not a serious money making business. barbing salon business plan pdf, barbing salon business in lagos, barbing salon business nairaland, barbing salon business in abuja, barbing salon business in nigeria.

Barbing Salon Business Plan PDF - Profitable Barbing Salon Business in Lagos Nigeria Proposal

omeh barbing saloon biz is a good biz but not in nigeria. 1, the barbers are frustrating the biz and customers are not encouraging too.

2, i run an international barbing saloon and i run on weekly returned. To learn more about this booming business and find out barbing salon business plan in Nigeria, continue reading this article.

A barber is one who cuts, shaves, grooms, and styles hair.

Starting a Hair Dressing / Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria - Proposal, Business Plan

This job is not just limited to males as women too have become interested in this line of work. Strike Problems in Nigeria - It is generally obvious and quite indisputable that strike has taken impact on the Nigeria Economy. Oxford Advanced Learn.

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Barbing salon business plan in nigeria conflict
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